Starting Over Again

Stephen Fish

Recorded deep in the forested mountains of Vermont, "Starting Over Again" contains seven new songs written and recorded since I moved to Vermont in 2014. This album is a reflection on loss and grief.

About the songs:

Track 1: Starting Over Again

This was my first song after arriving in Vermont in 2014. Jane and I were renting a large old farmhouse surrounded by green fields and cows. We had just driven across the country from Portland, Oregon with our cat Q. It was a new beginning. Our stuff arrived in boxes shortly after we arrived and I quickly unpacked my home studio. I used one of the boxes as a drum in this recording. As the tape was rolling I could hear the cows moo-ing along outside. The mic didn't pick them up, so I decided to go out and record the cows separately and blend them into the mix later. I gave this song the full treatment: ipad synthesizer noises, slide guitar, cows and a moving box.

Track 2: Under the Stars

It started to sink in that Jane and I were alone out here in Vermont. We left behind our great friends in Portland and our families were all on Cape Cod, 5 hours away. This song is my reflection on leaving them all behind and the feeling of being somewhat lost in time. A lifetime of memories were behind me as I sat in this extremely quiet and still void. This song came out of that void.

Track 3: Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm is one of the first songs to come from our house that we bought in early 2015. The house sits on the side of a mountain in a beautiful, peaceful setting. As spring transitioned into our first summer in our new home we were greeted by a thunderstorm almost every day for weeks, maybe even a month. I love thunderstorms so it was a welcomed surprise at first. But after a couple weeks it started to seem like life was sounding an alarm, or a warning of some sort. Things were changing fast. The recording of Thunderstorm that appears on this album was recorded in April of 2017, about two years after it was written. At the last minute, I asked Jane to overdub a few lines of vocals. She sang along in a few spots and I am very happy with the results.

Track 4: Our House on the Hill

This song was written in early 2016. The recording that appears on this album was recorded in April, 2017 in the same session as Thunderstorm.

Track 5: The Other Side

This song was written for my grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. I think about him often and I had been thinking of him on the day that I wrote this song. It is one of my biggest questions in life: what happens? In this song I am asking my grandfather to tell me what he found. Did it all go black? Was it what he expected to see? Recorded in April, 2017 alongside Thunderstorm and Our House on the Hill.

Track 6: Blink an Eye

This song is about the passage of time and attempting to hold onto a moment in time before it slips away. This song is placed out-of-order in the track list, as it bounces back to our first year in Vermont. It was recorded in the old farmhouse by the cow field in late 2014. There was another verse, but I didn't like it, so in April 2017 I removed the verse and overdubbed a harmonica solo.

Track 7: Different World

My Dad passed away on February 18, 2017. It was unexpected. We learned a few months later that it was likely a heart attack or stroke and happened instantly. My world had instantly changed and that is what this song is about.

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